Applying Makeup To Match Your Hair Color

Makeup Tips

Find the palette makeup suitable to your hair color. Those advices could help you enhance your beauty, creating a perfect harmony between your makeup and your hair color.

Makeup for blonde hair:

Blondes are more beautiful in soft pastel colors which complete the clarity of their hair. The dark tones create a crude contrast and give a stern look.

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Eyes: choose eye shadow in ivory, ash-colored or light pink and dark brown eyeliner.

Cheeks: choose a blush pale rose or nectar.

Lips: Choose light colors in medium pink or peach.

Makeup for light brown hair:

The light brown hair tends to be dull, we must illuminate it with neutral colors and lively tones (some highlights will also make a nice effect).

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Eyes: Try an eye shadow in ivory and gray-taupe with mahogany eyeliner.

Cheeks: Choose pale pink or sand pink, accented with a blush in tawny tones.

The lips: try lipsticks in rosy brown, soft pink tones or a raspberry color.

Makeup for brown hair:

Brown hair tend in give the skin a monochromatic appearance, For more beautiful look: create subtle contrasts with neutral colors and lively tones.

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Eyes: try ivory, beige and gray eye shadow, and brown eyeliner.

Cheeks: choose blush in pale rose, fuchsia, pink or brown tones.

Lips: Choose rosy brown, red and glossy pink lipstick.

Makeup for dark brown hair :

Hair in dark brown can give you a pale look; the beauty tip is to add color to your face to balance this effect.

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Eyes: Take a shade of ivory, brown or mocha, and dark brown or gray eyeliner.

Cheeks: for blush, try a rosy red tint, pink verging on brown or rosy brown.

Lips: choose a lipstick in brown, rosy brown or a plum purple.

Makeup for red hair :

The amber tone of your hair warms your glow. For a perfect harmony between your makeup and your hair color, you must play by the complementarities.

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Eyes: choose eye shadows in ivory, taupe or moss green; for eyeliner, go for reddish to dark brown.

The cheeks: for blush, try a brown, rosy brown or apricot.

Lips: choose a lipstick in peach, light brown, rosy brown or red.

Makeup for gray / white hair :

Gray hair can absorb the color of your face, that seems so bleached. You will restore vitality by using bright colors in cool tones.

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Eyes: If you have blue eyes, choose a white or gray eye shadow and eyeliner in slate blue or navy blue.

The cheeks: for blush, try soft pink or coral.

Lips: choose a lipstick in natural color like pink, lively rose, coral, red or anything that can enhance your face.

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