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If you are an Eskimo or one of those people living in freezing, icy or highly cold areas then you must be prepared with different winter warming jackets to protect your body against severely cold weathers and conditions. When you get yourself an anorak, it will be like your best friend in these conditions. An anorak is a waterproof jacket that has a partial zip or full zip front fastening, and can have waist drawstrings. Anoraks are used to keep you warm and dry, and also protect you from the wind and so making it possible to out freely in the coldest atmospheres. Anoraks can have attached hoods that can also have fur linings, these hoods surround the whole head giving it protection and warmth and for the ears as well. Anoraks can have different pocket styles; they can vary between hand-warmer pockets, kangaroo pockets and chest pockets. Some of the pockets can have a big storage space to keep your stuff. Anoraks are available in a wide variety of colors that can suit all preferences. Down anoraks are also available, having inside down feathers to give full warmth properties.

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