Anne Hathaway New Hair Color 2013

Anne Hathaway New Hair Color 2013 1

Anne-Hathaway- New-Hair-Color- 2013_1

Shocking, stunning and sexy!!! Just a few words I can say to describe the new hair color recently debuted by the gorgeous Anne Hathaway… What?!! Anne has done what?!! Yes, ladies, believe it! The Oscar-winner actress has done exactly the same as a lot of Hollywood stars like Minka Kelly, Drew Barrymore, Jessie J, Britney Spears, Megan Fox and others, and updated her 2013’s lookbook with a new hue.. Which is?!! It is B.L.O.N.D.E…..

Blonde?!! Has Hathaway gone blonde?! Yup, our precious readers, the “Les Miserables” actress has dyed her short brunette pixie cut blond! I know that you are so shocked, let me say that you are not the only ones who feel that way. Aha, you are not!! Who else?! I am, and of course all the stars who attended the Met Gala 2013. I think that it’s obvious why I mentioned this ball; right? Exactly, Stylishevers, this is where Anne has unveiled her newly dyed locks.

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Hmm… I guess that there is nothing more left for us to say about this shocking makeover, which means that now is the right time to ask you the famous question: Do you like or dislike Anne’s new hair?!!

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