Animal Shelter Puts The “World’s Worst Cat” Up For Adoption

Animal shelter describes new arrival as “World’s Worst Cat” and is inundated with people who want to adopt her. This really proves honesty is the best policy!

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Aww… That seems so unfair on a sweet innocent cat that is looking for a new ‘forever home’ to be given such an epithet, but the lovely staff at Mitchell County Animal Rescue in North Carolina, USA, decided that honesty is the best policy. Guess what? They were right.

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Image Credit: Mitchell County Animal Rescue

While the description of the cat went viral, pretty soon the shelter had over 50 inquiries from people who were more than happy to adopt Perdita.

As for the description given of Perdita, well we’ve included a photo of the ad they posted on the shelter’s Facebook page, and it really is not very complimentary at all.

In truth, you can’t blame the poor cat for not being the most friendly of creatures as its only owner had died and she was taken away from a home environment which was the only one she had known, and she was being looked after by people who, to her, were total strangers.

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However, from the comments left on the page, there are plenty of savvy cat owners out there who have a full understanding of the nature of cats and who were quick to stand up for Perdita and who were keen to see the very best, not the very worst in her.

Just so you don’t think that Mitchell County Animal Rescue doesn’t really care what happens to Perdita, after a flurry of inquiries about the cat had come in, they posted an update on their Facebook page letting everyone know the real truth about the cat and how much they loved her, really.

What is rather poetic is that the cat’s name “Perdita” translates into the word “lost”, which she must have felt after ending up in the shelter. Perhaps her new owner could rename her “Trove” which means “found.”

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