An Ingenious 30 Square Meter Studio interior Design Ideas

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If you are interested in very small interiors and looking for creative designs; here is a smart one for a small studio of only 30 m². Let’s see how this compact space has become a bright and spacious studio with a structure placed along the wall that includes all the necessary elements of comfort. All necessary functions in a home were combined into one large block made of slatted wood panels dressed in a sycamore veneer; the kitchen and storage space, television and hi-fi, and even the computer behind a folding panel that serves as an office. The front door and the bathroom are located behind the yellow wall. At the top of the block, the bed is raised, as on a mezzanine, on a platform leaning against a blue wall used as a bedside. At the bottom, there is the duct of the red hood. Under the podium, a closet is integrated where the ladder that leads to the mezzanine is hidden. The small kitchen located behind the podium of the bed is very simple: a stainless steel worktop, a sink, a small stove and a large hood to remove smells and fumes, painted in attractive bright red. The living room is placed around the fireplace, like an extension of the block. On each side, they took advantage of recesses to fit a library and CD storage racks. The floor is dressed with wooden panels to define the seating area from the rest of the living room, where the floor is covered with screed cement.

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