An Exceptional Soothing Experience: Nannai Resort & Spa

An Exceptional Soothing Experience Nannai Resort and Spa 1


Can you imagine waking up to the kiss of a cool summer’s breeze wafting off the ocean just outside your bedroom door? If you can, then you are one of a select group of people who have the ability to partially comprehend the vast possibilities of the Nannai Resort and Spa in Brazil. Just off the coast of Ipojuca, in Pernambuco, along the shores of the Muro Alto section of Porto de Galinhas Beach, a tropical paradise beckons weary travelers to its locale with open arms bedecked in the finest array of jewels Northern Brasilia has to offer. The resort features 12 acres of luxurious accommodations and exciting activities in a tropical setting geared towards fulfilling the comprehensive desires of its avaricious clientele: 49 bungalows, 42 apartments, 2 bars, one boutique, restaurant, library, Kid’s Club, day spa, cyber café and a host of land and water adventures designed to provide you with an experience of a lifetime.


Depicted above is a view of the restaurant and bar areas; the restaurant serves authentic regional cuisine for both breakfast and dinner, while providing delectable a la carte options midday. Lush tropical vegetation can be found throughout the resort lending well to the concept of relaxation and rest that the property promotes.


Several bungalows are scattered around the expanse of the property, and each has a sparkling pool attached for private enjoyment throughout the day. A modest sized lanai makes for ultra chic sunning on bright summer days, while straw thatching atop the roof mimics the character of French Polynesia.



Swimming options for the resort are numerous, and for those who wish to mingle with the guests who reside in the apartments, communal pools are available. Beach entry gives easy access to the sea for both the beginner and seasoned swimmer alike, while a character bridge paves the way to the beachside bar. There are said to be approximately 64 square meters of water features housed at the resort that are sectioned off into area zones. The child zone offers age appropriate activities from little one to teens, while there is water volleyball for active adults. Spa pools and swimming lanes can be found near and around the main pool area.


Two story master bungalows are equipped with gourmet kitchens on the ground floor and private verandas for personal enjoyment. Swim up entries allow guests to live the ultimate fantasy of beachside living, but should you wish to encounter the South Atlantic first hand, there are two master bungalows planted seaside.


The benefit of renting a double deck master bungalow is waking up to the unobstructed ocean views via floor-to-ceiling wraparound windows, and falling asleep beside the deep darkness of the sea. With several quaint dining spaces dispersed about the site, the convenience of overindulging on South American fare is extremely tempting.


The premium and super lux lodging are just as spectacular as the master ones, even without the second level. When seeking modest but private accommodations, you could not be in better hands with your own personal swimming area and spa zone. The same French Polynesian style adorns this plush cottage to ensure a cohesive tropical experience at the resort. Privacy walls found adjacent to all bungalows allow for a proper retreat.


Beautiful ocean views set the stage for a fantasy vacation, and waking up to the fresh island-style décor lends well to the perfect picture. Natural wood furniture scattered throughout the suite, accompanied by pops of dazzling sunlight yellow, serve to energize the patrons at first light; a dainty eating area will allow guests to take maximum advantage of the 24-hour room service that is available at the resort.


Each suite is decorated with tones that invoke a sense of revitalization with hues of yellow, orange and citrus greens. Teak colored furniture complements the color choice nicely, and flowing fabrics hug the balusters of the phenomenal king-sized bed at the center of the space. Use of a Zen sand table reinforces the relaxing theme of the resort.


Nothing says “family friendly” like a Kids’ Club, and this place is definitely that. In addition to having a secluded children’s clubhouse, the resort boasts an exceptional infant room and first-rate games room for the older children, helping to promote enjoyment for your entire group. Vivid colors and an interactive games area provide visual stimulation for the active minor.


The onsite fitness center comes fully equipped with every piece of equipment you would need to maintain your daily exercise regimen, while maximizing your pleasure at the resort: from yoga mats to treadmills, stationary bicycles to free weights, and from leg presses to abdominal machines, a recreational haven is promised.


The tropical flora encompassing the pool area gives the illusion of being submerged in a South American rainforest. Just off of the beach area, charming isles are interwoven through the water feature to provide scattered and shaded hideaways for the guests.



As the sun sets on the horizon, you can catch a glimpse of the beauty created by natural surroundings along the shores of a grand ocean. Outdoor living spaces offer a ringside view of the spectacle as you wind down from an eventful day. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a late night swim or a bit of sea watching, the Nannai Resort & Spa was made to serve your every desire.



The Doorkeeper’s Lounge can be found just off the beach, providing shelter from the noonday sun. Regional décor lends character to the space, and sets it apart from the normal urbane flair of everyday living. Natural wood and woven pieces make for a sophisticated design to be appreciated by all visitors.



As a part of the vacation package, sumptuous provincial cuisine can be had at both poolside and in the dining hall. For those who would like to maintain their privacy, there is plenty of food available, twenty-four hours a day, via room service.


Surrounded by patio seating, swimming lanes in the main pool zone usher guests from zone to zone for their entertainment; volleyball nets and geyser fountains echo the sentiment. With bright skies and sunny days, happiness will abound.



Use of the private rendezvous spots are encouraged by the resort, and are accessible throughout the property. Whether your preference is daytime or night-time, there are plenty of options to choose from. During the day, chilled champagne can be ordered to complete the fantasy, while the evening hours can be accented by romantic “tiki” torches to illuminate the night sky.


The onsite spa has a full complement of services for luxurious pampering at the hands of experts. From the standard facial to a hydrotherapy treatment, each patron is immersed in their own version of nirvana to achieve transcendence.

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