Amber Rose New Hair Color 2012

Oh Amber, I miss it already!! Exactly, our precious fans, the super model and recording artist has done a hair makeover too! Do you think that she’s cut her hair or dyed it? I hear one of you saying, “Girl, wake up!! Cut what?! She’s sporting a short buzz cut!!” So what? The pregnant model might have opted for shaving her whole head, right? To be honest with you, I have to say that Rose hasn’t done such a thing at all. What has she done? Actually, what a question! I think that there isn’t another option other than dying her hair instead of cutting it shorter.

Yes, pretties, Amber has totally ditched her signature platinum blonde hair color and dyed it jet black. A true drastic makeover, isn’t it? Definitely, it is! Not just so, but it also makes us consider 2012 to be Rose’s official year of surprises. Don’t you agree with me? Anyways, you need to know that the actress has revealed this new makeover since a few weeks ago while spending time on the beach with her family. That’s it, our precious readers, we’re done! Nothing’s left for us to know other than your opinion of Amber’s new black hair. Thus, don’t forget to tell us whether you love or loathe it.




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