Amber Heard New Hair Color 2013

Amber Heard New Hair Color 2013

Hello, our precious readers, are you ready to play the “guess then say” game with me today? What is it? Actually, I’ve just invented it! Anyways, can you tell me which female actress played the lead character in the “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane” movie? Wait, don’t answer, as there is another important clue that I should say. There are many letters in common between this star’s first name and the word ‘ombre’. Ladies, what are you waiting for? Start guessing her name!! Huh, have you figured it out?! Exactly, my smart and pretty readers, she is the actress and model Amber Heard.

I do imagine some of you saying, “Okay, do you have something important to say or what?!!” Of course, I do! And this thing is that Heard has ditched her fabulous dark brunette hair locks for stunning ombre ones. A pretty shocking and drastic makeover, isn’t it?! Definitely, it is! And yes, my precious fans, that’s why I said this silly clue at the beginnings. By the way, you need to know that the talented star showed off her new hair color while attending the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Now, I can say goodbyes to all of you, our beautiful readers! Just don’t forget to tell us whether you love Amber’s brunette-blonde ombre tresses or not..


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