Amazing Modern Interior in Warm Colors

Amazing Modern Interior in Warm Colors

If you’re about to design your house, and want to make it totally luxurious in a chic and inviting way, then check out this amazing modern interior. This interior is located in Paradise Valley and has been amazingly designed by Ownby Design, an interior design firm in Scottsdale, in a way that makes it totally fancy and relaxing. Warm colors are used to make the place cozy and relieving; you can see beige and brown tones everywhere, and what makes a perfect match with these tones is the abundant use of wood in almost all furniture. Modernity is totally felt in all the rooms of this interior through the sleek defined lines and the clean atmosphere. An open kitchen is combined with the dining area in the same space, making good use of the space in a totally functional way that makes serving and removing the dishes totally easy.

Also, the lounge area is ultimately designed in a way that actually makes you easily lounge while in there with the flat screen and the comfortable living room set along with the perfect lighting for the best atmosphere. Notice the totally awesome modern fireplace located at the back of the living room set for a warmer atmosphere when the temperatures drop, and also for a unique modern look. A terrace is also found in this amazing interior and it has been greatly designed to enjoy staying outdoors. Now concerning the bedrooms, they are totally relaxing and dreamy with tufted headboards for the beds along with beautiful furniture and greenery where you’ll have the best ambiance. Finally, the bathroom is awesome and totally spacious. It is totally made of wood, and also includes eye catching walls and a glass shower enclosure for a pure look. The overall interior is totally amazing and will really make you feel at home!!













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