The World’s Funniest Tease Upsets ‘Talking’ Dog [Video]

Clark the talking Dog

Meet Clark, the star of this video. If you haven’t seen it, where have you been these past few years, and if you have seen it, we’re sure you’d love to see it again? With over 160 million YouTube views this is definitely one video that went viral, big time! In fact Clark became so famous after his maiden appearance on screen here that major advertisers decided he could be a real star of the silver screen. As a consequence Clark has appeared in a number of TV adverts, including one for Doritos. However we have come to the conclusion that it is the original ‘voice’ of Clark that really makes this video.

Have you noticed the type of voice a person has to narrate the trailer for a forthcoming film, or even an advert for some home cleaning product? It is always very distinctive, and we feel the same way about ‘Clark’s’ voice. It is just perfect. We seriously think that Clark has a huge future ahead of him, and we would like to see him appear in more videos. However the beauty of this particular one is its incredible originality. The script is brilliant and it is hard to replicate that each time. To assure Clark of his success, it will be vital he remains fussy over which parts he plays, otherwise he may get typecast… a dog! So we hope you will genuinely find this one of the funniest animal videos you are ever likely to see, the comments underneath are just as hilarious. One commentator even went as far as to recently say “This is fake. Dogs don’t talk”. That can’t be true…..surely not….

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