Amazing 7 Month-Old Baby Swimming Underwater with Parents [Video]

7 Month Old Baby Swims Underwater

It is quite remarkable how easily babies take to water. We forget that not so many months earlier in their ‘life’ they were in a very ‘watery’ environment and therefore the sensation of liquid against their skin isn’t unfamiliar or scary at all. We know that when born, babies have an instinct which can allow them to swim, but this is an instinct which disappears with time, forcing young children to learn how to swim all over again. Clearly babies around the 6-month-old mark will still have a good level of instinct left, which means you can play with them in the pool in relative safety. How great is it as new parents to be able to let your newborn splash around in the water and know they are having great fun? When so much of a fuss is made of preventing drowning accidents, isn’t this just a better way to protect your kids?

Initially you wonder how much ‘solo’ swimming this little baby is going to do as dad seems to be very ‘hands on’ with his care for the baby. However you can see it is just a case of ensuring that confidence levels are good and then away we go! This little one clearly is very much at home under water and as is plainly obvious, there is no problem with it keeping its eyes open all the time. This is definitely a good sign and the look of wonderment on the baby’s face is a joy to behold. Even when the parents let go, this remarkable baby doesn’t panic and quite calmly swims up to the surface of the pool. What was good to know and what you can learn from the comments underneath the video is that this was not a chlorinated pool but a salt-water one instead, which certainly makes swimming easier, and is nowhere near as uncomfortable on the eyes.

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