Amazing 7 Month-Old Baby Floating in a Swimming Pool [Video]

Floating Baby

Reading the comments under this video you will soon learn that there is a split opinion over whether this video shows appropriate levels of welfare for the baby. At Stylish Eve we don’t like to sit on the fence, so this is where we are at. The fact that baby René can float is quite remarkable. However this is not a case of parents having a bit of fun with their child and getting it to do something it is not ready to do. This is a serious exercise which just happens to have an amazing consequence. Yes, it’s true, how often do you see a floating baby? Well if more babies were allowed into the water (supervised of course!) you wouldn’t be so surprised. In fact this isn’t such unnatural behavior as babies actually have the ability to swim from the moment they are born, but lose this ability over time and have to be retaught.

Baby René may only be 7 months old, but his parents are teaching him a life-saving technique which relies on instinct. His mother is not having fun rolling him onto his stomach; she is ensuring he has learned how to roll over onto his back if he ever fell into some water. How many times do you read of babies drowning in pools? With their baby fat, short limbs and a nappy with some trapped air in it, any baby can float. It is when they lose the fat and their limbs lengthen that young children then sink and need to learn how to swim properly. However what you are seeing is a demonstration of Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) which is a life-saving technique taught to infants for 10 minutes a day over a five-week period. Now that you know that, have a look at the video again and it will make more sense to you. As for whether baby René is happy, well if he knew what his parents were doing for him, he’d be beaming from cheek to cheek.

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