Amandla Stenberg Hairstyles 2012

Amandla Stenberg Hairstyles 2012

Today’s topic is going to be all about presenting the long hairstyles worn by the little heroine Rue since 2012 has started till the recent days. Rue who? Mmm, it seems that you’ve not watched the “The Hunger Games” movie till now! What? I can hear some of you saying; “Didn’t the teenager actress Amandla Stenberg portray Rue in that movie?!” How smart you are my precious readers!! Definitely, she’s the one whom we’re going to talk about today! What are we waiting for? Let’s start doing what we came to do! When you open Stenberg’s lookbook, you can’t prevent yourself from saying; ” a stylish top knot, another one, and yet another one!” Briefly, the top knots have been among the most worn hairdos by the young star during this year. You need to know that all of them have combined between the stylishness and cuteness yet simplicity in a smart way! Also, the “Colombiana” starlet has opted for wearing the sideswept buns and braided updos, which haven’t been less stylish, elegant or eye catching than the top knots.

Which hairdos else have you seen Amandla wear in 2012?! Hey, this question is for you! Yup, pretty girls, you have already seen her wear alluring and soft styles of the half up-half down hairstyles more than once this year. Let’s not forget to mention that she’s also opted to tie her long dark locks into either the high or cascaded ponytails. Dear fans, there’s only one page of this lookbook left, can you guess what it contains? I know that this is the third time; you can say that I’m testing your knowledge or something! Okay, okay, I’m going to answer it, myself! The last hairstyles that you can see in the teen star’s lookbook are the down dos. You need to know that most of them have been curly and natural while the rest has been sleek, straight. Different styles, but with the same glamorous and attractive look! Now is definitely the time to tell you all goodbyes and see you later. Just don’t forget to do four important things, which are to take a look at the attached pictures below, pull off one of them, wear the hairdo in it, and enjoy catching all the eyes. I guess that there’s no need to confirm that I’m only talking to our precious teen girls, especially the black ones, right?!




















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