Alicia Keys New Haircut 2012

Hello, hello, ladies! Do you remember the super elegant and astonishing, yet eye catching braided updos worn by the famous singer Alicia Keys more than once during 2012? You do! Then, I have to tell you to forget them completely! I know that most of you are wondering and they may be telling themselves; ‘What’s that crazy woman trying to say?!’. Women, all I’m trying to tell you is that our beloved and glamorous star has cut her sexy and sparkling long hair locks. Shocking, isn’t it?! I imagine that there’re some of you who are telling themselves right now; ‘What! She isn’t going to stun and charm us with her glamorous and chic long hairdos anymore!’. That’s exactly what i was trying to say!!

Anyways, forget about that nonsense discussion and let’s concentrate on answering the questions that might come across your mind after reading the last paragraph. Mostly, these questions are going to be either; ‘What is that haircut?’ or ‘how has she cut her hair’. In either case, i have to ask you yet another question before answering them which is ‘do you remember the medium bob cut that she sported before?!’. What, you do! Then, I have to tell you the same words i said above; ‘Forget about it!’. Keys hasn’t replaced her long hair locks with medium ones, but instead she has replaced them with short ones. To be more specific, I have to tell you that the singer is currently wearing a short cropped bobbed hair. Despite being so shocking and frustrating thing to hear about for many of us, I need to tell you that this short bob cut gives her very, very hot, stylish and sexy look. You may say that that’s the look that she needs to get for her new released single ‘New Day’ and upcoming album!

By now, you have known the sort of hair length and cut that the famous singer wears nowadays, right? Okay, by that way, I can tell that there’s nothing more left for me to say. No, no, there’s still an important thing i have to say which is to tell you that Alicia has styled her short bob cut in quite different ways since she has got it. From the attached pictures, you can see that she has worn the following three bob hairstyles; curly, straight and wet slicked back, all of them are stylish, stunning and eye catching. By the way, I have to tell you that the pictures that we have are unfortunately few! But like usual, if there’re new ones popped on the surface, we’d bring them to you directly! Now, I can tell you goodbyes without any doubts!!

Alicia Keys New Haircut 2012 1

Alicia Keys New Haircut 2012 2

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