Alicia Keys Hairstyles

Amazing voice, great acting & magnificent hairstyles, Alicia Keys embraced her natural beauty & managed to style her hair in the ways that suits her best while preserving her natural hair look & length at the same time in many occasions which showed women that every woman is beautiful in her own way. She went from braids to straight to curly to wavy, she keeps shifting from a hair do to another, every time she’s out in any event, she wows everybody with her looks, even the simplest updos she wears them with style ,as you’ll see in the pictures that she accessorized her updo “Indian style”. Alicia has a exquisite fashion sense in her hair colors, we never see her go crazy like some stars & dye all her hair in blonde or red or any colors that doesn’t suit her skin tone, she always picks the colors like hazel, dark brown or black that enhances her beauty with subtle highlights & low light to make her hair vivid. With layered haircut & curly or wavy hairstyle you’ll get the glamorous volumized hairstyle, straighten your bangs then part your hair from one side & pin it or have your side bangs fall on your face, sometimes she wears hair bands & hair accessories to keep it interesting.

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