Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2012

It seems that her fame is not the only thing which has been increased in 2012, but also her glamour, elegance and charm! You can say that she has definitely taken them to the next level! I guess that you’re wondering whom i mean with ‘her & she’, aren’t you?! Dear readers, you can simply take a look at the topic’s title and know that these words only refer to the super star Alicia Keys. Aha, ladies, today’s topic is going to be all about her! But I have to tell you that we’re not going to talk about her latest news, gossips or something. No! Like usual, we’re going to talk about her hairstyles specifically those ones she has worn this year. Is that clear? Of course, it’s! Anyway, let’s stop that bla-bla imaginary conversation and get directly in the core of our topic. Actually, before doing so, allow me to mention few, yet important things about the hairdos that Alicia has worn this year. Firstly, you need to know that they have very elegant, glamorous and eye catching look, but unfortunately they are few. Secondly, they are all long which means that the singer has let her hair locks to grow and hasn’t cut them; at least till now. I can tell that those are the couple of things that i thought you have to know!

Right now, let’s start mentioning the long hairdos worn by Keys this year. The slicked back, straight down do is one of the most sexiest, astonishing and definitely glamorous hairstyles that the famous singer has sported in 2012. For your info, she hasn’t worn the wet style, but instead she has opted for the dry one. In either, we can say nothing but she has truly coped with the new hairstyling trends! Also, she has sported both of the natural curly and soft wavy down dos which have had very stylish, awesome and stunning look. Besides the down dos, she has opted for sporting the ponytails specifically the low and high styles. Both of them have given her super feminine and elegant, yet attractive look. Can you guess which hairdos the multi talented star has sported?! I’m sure that if you think deeply, you’ll definitely know the answer. Huh, knew it! I do imagine that some of you are about to say; ‘buns’ or maybe, that’s what i wish to hear! Anyways, our beloved star has been seen wearing the buns in different events specifically the low slung ones. Let me tell you that despite being simple, they have given her very gorgeous and elegant look.

Let me tell you that in addition to those low bun hairdos, our precious songstress has wowed, stunned and i can also say charmed us by wearing astonishing, elegant and eye catching styles of the braided updos. Actually, they can be considered or already have been considered of the most glamorous and chicest hairstyles the one can see or even imitate in 2012. If you think that i may be exaggerating, take a look at them by your own eyes and judge! I’m sure that you’d fall in love with them and wish to wear any of them one day. Mentioning these hairdos means nothing but that we have reached the end! But before the farewell, I have to remind you with an important thing which is to tell you to keep your facial details, hair nature and style as well in your mind, if you’re going to follow the leads of Alicia Keys and wear your hair like her. Don’t forget it! Now, allow me to tell you goodbyes and wish you stunning, fabulous look everyday and everywhere!

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