Alberta Ferretti “Forever” 2013 Bridal Collection

Alberta Ferretti Bridal Collection Forever 2013 03


Alberta Ferretti is a world famous Italian fashion designer and dressmaker. She is known best for her collections that are featured in Alberta Ferretti and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Alberta Ferretti is based in Italy where she has created her works of art for the past few decades. She is renowned for her designs that feature twisting, tucking, and draping techniques. Her personal style utilizes a subtle layered look that sometimes employs the use of different accents to emphasize the designs. The romantic charm that she has used to inspire her “Forever” collection is an evident display of how talented and creative the mind of Alberta Ferretti really is.

Marie Claire has described the Alberta Ferretti Bridal Collection “Forever” 2013 in a simple word, “Stunning”. The new collection is just that, with its theme of old European charm couture. Alberta Ferretti has presented an extraordinary collection of designs that are a combination of old and modern chic. Lace, silk, embroidery and ruffles seem to be prominent among these gowns. With inspiration also derived from old European fashion, Alberta Ferretti has managed to produce a breathtaking collection of couture bridal gowns. The silk fabric is accentuated with lace, pleats, layers, ruffles and embroidery that raise their quality way beyond exceptional. Capturing the romanticism and elegance from an inspirational era, this collection is wonderfully timeless.












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