Akin Konizi Hairstyles

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Akin Konizi is one of the famous and popular hairstylists in the whole world. Akin Konizi is a British hairstylist who has got his fame because of his great talent, high sense of creativity and passion.. Akin has been chosen as the HJ’s British hairdresser of the year 2008, 2009 & 2011. He has also won the British Hairdresser award of the year twice plus winning the London hairdresser of the year, Fellowship Hairdresser of the year and the British Masters Award. Beside all of those awards, Akin’s signature precision styles and photographic imagery have been highlighted in the media and have contributed in his fame all over the world!!.. Akin has been one of the basic members of the HOB salon and by the time he has become one of the creative directors of the salon. You can say that Akin is a basic and essential reason of the fame and great reputation of the HOB salon. Beside being the creative director of HOB salon, Akin has been one of the most famous celebrity hairstylists. I think that enough talking about the career life of Akin Konizi and let’s talk a brief look on his hairstyles. Akin Konizi has created great, stunning and spectacular hairstyles for women. Beside being spectacular, Akin’s hairstyles have been so creative and untraditional and I think that’s what made him the winner of many hairdressing awards and fellowships. Akin hasn’t created hairstyles for certain woman’s haircut, so his hairstyles have varied between the long, the medium and the short hairstyles. One of most creative hairstyles of Akin Konizi are the wedge cut hairstyles.. Akin has created various stylish and fashionable wedge cut hairstyles like the curly wedge cut hairstyles, the short wedge cut hairstyles and many other styles.. Beside the wedge cut hairstyles, Akin has also presented other stunning styles like the funky curly hairstyles, the one length sharp cut bob hairstyles, the round bob hairstyles, the undercut hairstyles, the quiff hairstyles and the sassy finger wavy hairstyles.. Akin has tried as possible as he could to combine between the modern funky hairstyles and the retro vintage hairstyles but in their modern & sassy looks. So, there’s nothing to be said more about Akin Konizi as whatever I say it wouldn’t be enough!!!…

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 01

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 02

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 03

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 04

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 05

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 06

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 07

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 08

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 09

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 10

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 11

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 12

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 13

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 14

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 15

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 16

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 17

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 18

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 19

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 20

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 21

Akin Koinizi Hairstyles 22

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