Like Father, Like Son: Adorable 8-Month-Old Baby Flexing Muscles Just Like His Dad!

Baby Flexing Muscles Just Like His Dad

When very young our children learn a lot of habits from us. Sit them in a chair and make faces at them and they will likely laugh, and they will also be likely to pull a face back at you. It is the same with hand gestures. It is not instant and it doesn’t often happen overnight, but eventually children will pick up on our mannerisms and actions. However there are some young children who for one reason or another understand perfectly what we are doing, and mimic us without hesitation. That would appear to be exactly the situation we have here with young Hadley, and 8-month-old baby who not only finds it easy to copy his father’s actions, but also finds it incredibly funny into the bargain! This seems to exemplify the saying ‘Like father, like son’.

What is so funny here is that young Ryan is watching his father in the mirror rather than simply looking directly at him. By looking in the mirror young Ryan also has the opportunity of seeing himself, which we reckon is half of what he finds so funny. At that age everything in the world is a mystery, and while you can see yourself reflected in a mirror, imagine what it must be like when you don’t know what a mirror is or understand how it works. All you can see is something you presume must be yourself, or someone who looks remarkably like you. When you do something funny you see something funny happen in the mirror, and you also see your father laugh too. What could be more fun for a young boy than that?

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