Adidas Moves Perfume for Men

Keep moving with this Moves cologne for men by Adidas. Moves cologne is very sporty and refreshing, is it suitable for all ages for everyday and all times. Moves cologne comes in an attractive bottle with a blue freshening color. Moves cologne is very masculine and will certainly make you full od confidence once you apply it. Moves cologne is affordable and is the type of fragrance that you will want to buy again and again. Moves cologne has been one of Adidas’s very successful colognes, it appealed to all men who used it. Moves cologne combines the top notes of green apple, tomato leaf, parsley, black pepper, anise, spearmint, peppermint, pineapple and mandarine. Moves cologne is also available as a gift set that contains Moves cologne and Moves after shave.

Adidas Moves Cologne for Men 3

Adidas Moves Cologne for Men 1

Adidas Moves Cologne for Men 2

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