Adidas Blue Challenge for Men

Adidas Blue Challenge Cologne for Men 21

Try out this Adidas Blur Challenge cologne for men. Blue Challenge is a great cologne like all of Adidas fragrances. Blue Challenge will make you fresh all day long. It has that citrus fruity scent that is perfect after a long day of sports or even at a regular day. Most men love to put on Adidas fragrances as they satisfy them and make them fresh all day, while giving every man that masculine scent and giving you the feeling of a  challenge keeping you strong and confident. Blue Challenge combines the scents of apple notes, purely aquamarine heart and a woody amber base. Base Notes are Citrus and Florals. Blue Challenge comes in a very fresh bottle with blue color.

Adidas Blue Challenge Cologne for Men 2

Adidas Blue Challenge Cologne for Men 1

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