Adidas Adrenaline Cologne Perfume for Men

Adidas Adrenaline Cologne for Men 11

Possess the empowering effects of Adrenaline cologne for men by Adidas. It is a very powerful cologne that is different than other fragrances. Adrenaline will give you a great power to move on the whole day, it is very fresh and full of life and very masculine. The name of this Adidas Cologne gives you that energetic feeling and when you smell it you will feel that you have stored energy inside of you to take out. Adrenaline cologne appeal to almost every man, they all found that it is a really great fragrance. Adrenaline combines the top notes of clove, nutmeg, rosewood and apricot nectar and a base made up of patchouli, white moss, musk and vanilla.

Adidas Adrenaline Cologne for Men 1

Adidas Adrenaline Cologne for Men 2

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