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”Her wisdom blows our minds out and her strong and stunning voice touches our hearts while her glam and awesome looks definitely catch our eyes”, that’s how i can describe the famous singer Adele. I know that she deserves to be described by much more other words than those ones i said. But i think that it’s the most appropriate description at least from my point of view. Anyway, our topic today is going to be all about the hair cuts and styles worn by her since the beginnings till now. You know like usual, we’re going to take a close look at our beloved celebrity and then reveal what she has done with her hair. Nothing simpler than that, isn’t it?! Hence, enough intros and let’s start the real work. Since day 1, Adele has tended to style her long hair in very smart ways that combine between the girlishness, softness and elegance. That glamorous but girlish look of them has been considered as a great source of fascination for many women of varying ages; young and mature ones as well. Of course, you can figure out that many of them haven’t stopped at the extent of being fascinated and they have gone further than that by copycatting them. What a smart move from their side?! The most famous hairstyles that Adele has heavily sported during her career life are the low and side swept ponytails. You may say that she has been fascinated by their girlish and elegant, yet simple look. I have to tell you that sometimes she has combined between both of them. Before asking me ”how’s that happened?!”, I’m going to explain that as much as i can. She has been seen once or maybe more styling her hair in the following way; ”low ponytail but some of the hair strands are swept a side on one of her shoulders”, can you imagine that? Creative and deceivable as well. The last thing that you have to know about her ponytails is that some of them have been sleek straight while others have been either curly, wavy or even sort of messy. All of them are glam and eye catching.

Besides the ponytails, she has sported various styles of the updos. Some of them have looked in very sophisticated and tidy way as; the super sized buns that she has worn more than once besides the neat volumized chignons. While the others have looked in a casual and sort of carefree way as; the loose low, side swept and high buns. Let’s not forget to mention the bow updo which has given her very cute and sort of childish, yet elegant look. Besides the couple of hairdos mentioned above, she has also sported the flattering and glam loose, flowing hairstyles. Mostly, she has either straightened her hair or added curls or waves to it, then let it flows on her shoulders and back. In addition, she has recently stunned and wowed all of her fans and followers by cutting her long hair into medium bob haircut. Till now, she has styled her bobbed hair in a volumized loose way. If you asked me which haircuts i loved more among all of the last mentioned ones, I would tell you the new bob haircut. As it makes her look in more mature, glamorous and tidy way than the others. I think that the end of the topic is knocking on the door. So, let me tell you an important thing about all of Adele’s hairstyles in a hurry. That thing is that you need to know that she is famous of being bangs and extra volume’s lovers. That’s so obvious in all of her haircuts. Most of them come with either the blunt, side swept or center parted bangs which helped her to cover the forehead while there’re others come with some volume at the front. For your info, you can see other ones which are combining between the volume and bangs! What a look, isn’t it?! Now is the time to tell you good byes. Just don’t forget to take a look at those glam hairdos. May you pick a one of them, sport it and feel the glamour. Enjoy…

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