About Us


Stylish Eve is proud to announce that in September 2014 the website has reached the heady heights of being ranked at 15k by Alexa, which means we are averaging over 110,000 new and unique visits to it every single day. This also means that our website is now one of the World’s most popular online lifestyle magazines. In addition, Stylish Eve has a Facebook page which has recently passed the astonishing 11 million ‘like’ mark. In the space of just 24 hours a post on our Facebook page can easily exceed 100,000 likes, which confirms that as an online lifestyle magazine, much of what we do is appreciated by our followers, and it is that which matters most. Thanks to feedback received from those who follow Stylish Eve, in the middle of 2014 we decided to include additional content for the new Cuisine, Baby and DIY sections of the website.

As so many of the comments left on our Facebook posts about fashion and lifestyle items ask us where it is possible to buy them, we are also thrilled to announce that Stylish Eve will soon have its own online store. So, while we are setting everything up, don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and sign up to our updates on what is happening.

Stylish Eve is now becoming a much more interactive platform too. While we have always listened closely to our followers to guide us in what we should include on the website, we now feel the time is right to actively engage with our readers and supporters. As a consequence you can not only leave your comments on Facebook, but Stylish Eve is now available through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We are also employing new team members to acknowledge and respond to messages you leave us on social media outlets as we want you to be even more aware of how much interest we have in what you want and need from a website like Stylisheve.com