A Wedding Flower Girl You’ll never Forget

Flower Girl Wedding Entrance

Careful preparation has gone into every single element of the wedding. For the bride and groom this is the most important day of their lives and everything has been planned with military precision. With all the guests seated in the church the level of anticipation begins to increase. People look around and at each other in eager anticipation of the start to the wedding ceremony. Yes, of course everyone is a little nervous. Who isn’t at a wedding, but it is a time for love, celebration, and the start of a perfect new life together? As the carefully rehearsed ceremony is about to begin it is time for the flower girl to quietly and daintily trot down the aisle to herald the impending arrival of the bride to be. What could possibly go wrong?

Well we don’t quite know what went on behind the scenes, but we suspect that the whole occasion and all the excitement was all just too much for one of the very, but not the most important members of the wedding ceremony. With a bit of a scream rising to a veritable crescendo, cue one young, very upset and very loud flower girl who just can’t get the ceremony over quick enough. Like a wailing banshee she runs helter-skelter down the aisle into the calming arms of her waiting mother, and then all begins to look better with the world. Such an ‘unfortunate’ event is followed by the more traditional and sedate arrival of a page boy and presumably ‘reserve’ flower girl to assure everyone that all is on track and the ceremony, this time, really is about to begin.

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