A Residence Perfectly Integrating A Pool & A Hot Tub In Inverloch

A Residence Perfectly Integrating A Pool A Hot Tub In Inverloch 01


The team at Serenity Pools of Melbourne Australia is commissioned to bring backyard fantasy to life for homeowners seeking high quality water features. Founded in 2005, Philip Kilworth & Company has successfully completed pool projects in the Southern Hemisphere that provide spirited afternoons and mesmerizing nights for family gatherings and social commitments. The Inverloch Residence benefits from the designers expertise in providing aquatic masterpieces.

Tiling color is imperative when determining the intent of the pool design, and Serenity Pools went with a rejuvenating cyan blue that would brighten any overcast day. The hot tub feature is kept separate from the main body by a raised clear divider that allows for a waterfall effect draining system at bottom. Not only does this element keep the pool’s water in circulation at an amenable temperature, but it also doubles the functionality and fun through a constant give and take provided whenever the pumping system disperses the water on both ends of the pool.


The aperture in the neutral colored stone walls accents the water feature with recessed lighting advocating night time enjoyment.


The proportion of the pool to the home is so obliging that it lets that amazing water feature mixes naturally with its surroundings. Sparse poolside vegetation cuts down on the garden maintenance and increases the usable area in this alfresco space.


The option of using rocks to embellish the exiguous greenery points the design in a natural direction for the region, and blends well with the property’s esthetic.




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