A Modestly Chic Upper East Side Carriage House, by DHD Architecture and Design

A Modestly Chic Upper East Side Carriage House By DHD Architecture And Design 10


An Elle Décor regular, DHD Architecture & Design continues the trend with its Upper East Side Carriage House project. Chic neutrals with classic accents provide for a modest design experience. DHD Architecture and Design has a penchant for redevelopment assignments, and this one wasn’t an exception. Formerly a carriage house for the manse down the street, the three-family apartment was converted into a single family residence by dissecting the floor plates and forming two double height spaces. The stairwells were updated with the addition of an elevator for ease of access.

Colossal exposures in the living room area provide for the natural light, and are picked up by the prudent grey blue accents of the carpet and throw pillows. Floor to ceiling wood veneers introduce an inviting hospitality to the living space in keeping with the intent of the design, and individual seating allow for versatile entertaining in the area.


The height of the room accommodates an effect of grandeur worthy of its color palette. Oversized wall art in black and white etchings keep the serenity of the home intact.


In a space of this magnitude, there is an inherent desire for drama and for the Carriage House it is located in the dining room with a convex circle bursting from the middle of the ceiling as an architectural light fixture. Recessed lighting removes the need for traditional lanterns. The hard and soft of the convex and dining table circles versus the rectangular room and rug is complimented by the sheer drapery window treatments that allow for muted natural light. Once again, the earthen neutrals play well with the reserved layout.


The master bath is flawlessly designed to mimic the delicate form of the rest of the apartment. Stark white accouterments give the sense of durability and purity that is welcomed in a bathroom space.


Bathroom cabinets with inset doors impart the precision of clean contemporary lines. A single hanging light fixture accompanied by recessed lighting illustrates the designers’ propensity for minimalism.


The understated complementary color scheme of the stairwell provides for a modest means of going between levels.


The guest bath is crisp, and inviting with an impeccable marble façade, and modern basin helping to pull together the geometric modernism of the home.


Placing a dining table near floor-to-ceiling exposures allow for midday gatherings and casual happenings. An oversized rectangular art piece assists with leveling out the generous proportions of the windows to the table area.


Many home offices have bookshelves; however, not many can boast floor-to-ceiling wall shelving for their must reads. Reminiscent of a European home library, this element brings an old world appeal to a contemporary design space.



The openness of the floor plan makes for easy gatherings, and moving from one section to the next: after a sumptuous meal, the group can head over to the sitting area for a movie and some conversation or vice versa. The pops of kiwi bring a degree of brightness not found in other areas of the house.


An entertainer’s paradise, there are many areas inside and out where guests can enjoy the hospitality of the residents. So, on a beautiful calm night, candle lights and a bottle of wine are all what one needs to relax and converse.

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