A Loving Mother takes Stunning Photos of her Beautiful One-Handed Daughter

Mother takes Stunning Photos of her Beautiful One Handed Daughter 1


Holly Spring has come a long way in the short time since she first started taking a keen interest in photography. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Holly took up photography to show her daughter, who was born with Hirschprung’s Disease and no left hand, that there was nothing she could not achieve. To many of us our parents are our inspiration and guidance and Holly seems to be no exception to this. To further underline this point, Holly set to work creating some of the most beautiful images you will ever see. The photographs are so enchanting that if you looked at these before reading the article, I reckon you wouldn’t have noticed anything was amiss. As Holly Spring puts it “My daughter is my muse and my heart that inspires me to follow my passion and share these unique photos and digital art with you”.


There is a saying that goes along the lines of “A picture tells a thousand stories”. Well, as each of you look at every one of these beautiful images, I bet you all have a different story you can attach to each of them. There is undoubted beauty and purity in each of the pictures. There is a gorgeous sense of the capturing of innocent beauty, of hopes and of dreams. The backdrop to each and every one of these photographs completes but does not overwhelm the picture. It is as though Holly and her daughter live in a different world to you and me. It is impossible to pick a favourite as each photograph is totally different in its own way. Perhaps from a pure beauty angle, the boat on the lake in front of storm clouds is probably the best, no, perhaps the girl in green catching leaves is. Actually they are all brilliant, and no doubt you will have your own favourite too. Maybe it is no wonder Holly won the NZIPP/Epson Iris Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year award in 2014.









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