A Happy Group of Parents Teaching their Babies How to Swim

Clever Babies Learning How to Swim

We have had a flurry of articles on babies and water recently, but all with a purpose. At Stylish Eve we want to make all our readers aware that it really is never too young to start introducing your baby to deep water. If you look closely at all the babies here, not a single one of them shows any sign of fear or discomfort. Why should they anyway? After all they are in what they consider a safe environment, and that is anywhere where their mom also happens to be. We just love the way play time is mixed with a serious element to ensure these kids are not afraid or would panic if they were ever to fall into a pool or deep water somewhere. Familiarity in this case doesn’t breed contempt but instead saves lives. Besides the swimming, of course this is just some seriously great bonding time between mom and baby as well.

We have previously been concentrating on making you aware of ISR, or Infant Swimming Resource, with our videos of babies floating on their backs. However here we have a different approach and one which rests very heavily on a baby’s natural instincts. Unlike us wimpish adults, these babies don’t need to close their eyes, and nor do they show any signs of allowing water to get up their nose when submerged. When you think of the environment they grew up in for 9 months, perhaps this is understandable! Just seeing the innocent fun these babies are having and knowing that at the same time they are learning to save their own life is just so incredibly touching. We also love the laid-back approach of so many of the parents who clearly feel 100% confident in the abilities of their offspring. If it were any of us we would be hovering like a hawk over our kids!

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