A Great Way to Make Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes

Me Minion Cupcakes

From time to time there is a film which also becomes a merchandizer’s goldmine, as has happened with ‘Mini Me’ with all the Minions. However that doesn’t mean you have to be held hostage to the exorbitant prices you have to pay for even the simplest of items connected to the Mini Me franchise. Better still, if you like to do a bit of baking anyway, then why not kill two birds with one stone and practice your baking skills with these great-looking Minion cupcakes. Your kids will love them and no doubt you will find yourself trying one or two as well, purely to make sure they taste okay of course! We like Rosanna Pansino, and with over 2.7m followers on YouTube we reckon it is a fair bet you do too. Creating what she calls ‘nerdy nummies’ we first came across her when she and her sister, Mo, showed us how to make Frozen Princess cakes, and we think we will be seeing much more of her too.

These Mini Me Minion cupcakes are a real treat, and are ideal on their own, or they would make a perfect party addition to the Minion cake we showed you how to make in a recent post here on Stylish Eve. The great thing about all these minion edibles is the variety of choice you have for all the characters, including Dave, Stuart or Jerry, Jorge, Tim or Mark, Phil, Jon, Bob or Kevin, not forgetting Despicable Me! Of course if you are a cupcake queen (or king) then you’re 75% of the way towards making these great cupcakes with a lovely sponge base to start things off. We also know that if you are confident with your cupcake-making skills, then hopefully we have given you plenty of inspiration to go and get creative once again.


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