A Fun and Inspiring Way to Show How to Make a Baby

A Fun and Inspiring Way to Show How a Baby is Really Made 4


Most great ideas come after a momentous event. How often have you heard people say “I really wish we’d thought of that before”? Well for the Quebecois couple featured in these ‘making a baby’ pictures, their idea came just at the right time. And what a very clever and funny idea it was too. It is always difficult to know what inspires imaginative people, but for photographer Patrice Laroche and his wife, Sandra Denis, they were clever and had the idea before the baby was even conceived. Careful planning over a twelve month period is the true reason for the undoubted success of this montage of photos depicting the pregnancy and arrival of their baby daughter Justine.


Both the idea and the execution are brilliant. To look at the photos you would not think they were taken over a nine month period of time but instead were all taken within ten minutes. Aside from being able to use the same garage over that period of time, the attention to detail in all their clothing is remarkable. Add the touch of cartoon humour with the big explosion, and what a wonderful memory this couple will always have of the birth of their daughter. At stylish Eve we wondered what other possible situations you could come up with for the same idea. We had some of our own, but we are sure you can do better than taking a photograph of your pregnant partner once a month eating pizza at the same seat in the same restaurant. How about have them drinking from a supersize cup, or eating an ice cream? We reckon the options are much greater if you just put your mind to it. At Stylish Eve we look forward to seeing what you came up with around this time next year!






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