A Colorful Apartment Design Inspired by the Tetris Game

tétris chambre 51

This very attractive design is for an apartment that was before divided into two rooms of goods on the top floor of an old Haussmann building in Paris in the district of Saint-Lazare. The combination of these two rooms created 2 rooms of 47m ² which is a quite reasonable space but has strong constraints due to its location under the eaves of the building. The architects Clémence Eliard and Marc Sirvin from the company SML are the ones who have dealt with the planning of this apartment.The solution was to install a storage space with shapes that fit together, inspired by the video game of the 80 years: Tetris. Then, create many shelves, with varying shapes and colors that are perfectly suited to challenging volumes of the apartment. To make the space larger, old walls and gates have mostly been removed. After this intervention, the apartment became more youthful and attractive thanks to its colorful look and modern design.

tétris chambre 2

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