9 Quick and Easy Eyeliner Looks [Video]

9 Easy and Quick Eyeliner Looks

So what would be a sensible thing to look for if you are going to take someone’s advice on an eyeliner look? Well how about 120+ thousand followers and nearly 10 million views on YouTube? Those sorts of figures make us think that Lupe, who goes by the YouTube name of naturallybellexo, knows her stuff and is one of the more popular and reliable make-up and style advisers on you tube. She has a natural flair for presentation and a very warm and endearing nature. This is not a demonstration where Lupe wants to show you how clever she is, she actually and genuinely wants to share her skill and knowledge with you. We like her style, her fresh approach and above all, she doesn’t talk too much either so you don’t get distracted by incessant chattering! This is a very clear-cut and practical demonstration that anyone can follow.

The results are spectacular as you will see for yourself, and we can’t recommend this video enough. It doesn’t matter if you have been putting eyeliner on for the last 10 years, or if you are just learning how to apply it. This demonstration definitely has something for everyone and it becomes very apparent that Lupe knows her stuff. Her ability to apply eye liner in an unfussy and uncomplicated way, yet obtain very stylish results, is very commendable. The most important thing about a demonstration video is that you are not left feeling “I could never do that” and we’re pretty confident that is the last thought that will go through your mind once you have seen what Lupe can do. We also believe that if you lack a bit of confidence on how to create a good look around your eyes, this is just the type of video you need to watch.

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