8 Memorable Female Athletic Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics games have gone, but we still live on their amazing memories! Our precious readers, don’t you agree with me?! Yes? Then, I’m pretty sure that you’d do agree more with me when i say that of the most amazing and unforgettable, yet useful memories which that international even left us are its Olympians’ hairdos. Right? That’s why we decided to present to you about ten hairdos which we thought that they’re stunning, elegant, in somehow unique or memorable. Have you seen the hairstyle that the Candian cyclist Jasmin Glaessar wore on day 8 of the summer Olympics ? You know that eye catching and sweet classic braid hairdo in which there was another simple braid added at one side of her head to accent the full ‘do. Remembered, right? Since that, I have to tell you that it’s on the top of our list today.

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 1

The second and third memorable hairstyles worn by the female athletes that our collection presents to you are the micro braids. And to be more specific and honest, I have to tell you that these micro braids were colorful! Yeah, I’m not kidding! The American tennis player Venus Williams wore a blue, red and brunette micro braided hair while the French basketball player Isabelle Yacoubou accented her mirco braids with blue, white and red strands. Of course, if you’re so smart, you can figure out that both of them opted for blue and red colors because of their countries’ flags! Anyways, in either case, these hairstyles were fashionable and eye catching in a way that made them unique! Another important thing you need to know which is that both of these female athletes wore their micro braided hair in different ways. The first one tied it in a ponytail while the second one wrapped in a bun!

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 2

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 3

Did you read the previous topic published here a day ago? You know that one which called ‘Female Athlete Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics’. If you did, then you’d know that the ponytails are of the most worn and versatile hairdos at the Olympics. Among their diverse styles, we found two ponytail hairdos which must be included within our list today. Let me tell that both of them have something in common which is being accented with sweet and simple side braids. The first one worn by the gold medalist track athlete Sanya Richards-Ross which was a low curly ponytail while the second one worn by the artistic gymnast Nastia Liukin which was a tight, high ponytail. Different styles, but almost the same stylish, soft, alluring and eye catching look that’s made them got stuck on our minds, definitely in a nice way!

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 4

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 5

Besides the last mentioned soft and alluring ponytail hairstyles, there was another pony which can be described by words like; edgy, bold, wild, hot, true statement,,, etc. Do you know which one i’m talking about?! Women, how come you don’t know it, it’s very, very memorable and unique as well?! I’m talking about that one worn by the Jamaican hurdler Nickiesha Wilson at day 9 of the summer 2012 Olympics. In that hairdo, you can see that that the hair on the left side of Nickiesha’s head is buzzed while the rest of it was tied in a ponytail! Oops, i forgot to tell you that on the buzzed side, you can also see the famous five Olympics rings! As you can figure out that it’s the sixth unique Olympics hairstyles.

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 6

The next memorable Olympics hairstyle that our collection includes is the short blue streaked bob cut which was worn by the American hurdler Kellie Wells. For sure, you’re aware of what sort of look the blue hair streaks can give to any woman?! So stylish, funky, outstanding and hot, isn’t it? Let me tell you that it’s not the only outstanding short haircut that we found among the so diverse female athlete hairstyles. We bring to you another one which truly caused great shock to many of us, if not all, that was worn by the Nigerian athlete Blessing Okagbare specifically at day 7 of the London 2012 Olympic games. Despite that it was just a short cropped haircut, it looked special and caused a shock. Actually, the first reason behind that shock was the drastic transformation the talented athlete made during few days as she went from wearing a medium length hair to a short one! Also, the color was also what made it look special and you may say bold, rocking, shocking and may be stunning if you loved it! By mentioning that haircut, I can tell you that we’re done. Yeah, we have brought to you only those 8 hairstyles from the summer 2012 Olympics. What shall we do? Those are what truly caught our eyes and wish that they’d catch yours as well…

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 7

8 Memorable Hairstyles at London 2012 Olympics 8

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