7-Week-Old Baby Hears for the First Time [Video]

Baby Hears for First Time

As parents all we ever want for our children is health and happiness. The reaction here from this adorable baby, Lachlan, is priceless to watch, but he is not the only star of the show. It has to be said that we are fortunate to be living in a time where even at such a young age not only can a severe hearing impairment be detected, but a solution provided so swiftly afterwards. It must be very strange to have spent the first seven weeks of your life in a world of virtual silence, to suddenly be able to hear so many unusual noises. It is at moments like these we tend to notice how much we all take for granted and perhaps we should be more grateful for what we have got. Little Lachlan certainly teaches us a valuable lesson.

How wonderful it is to watch the expression on his face. Clearly he is a curious and inquisitive baby as you can see his eyes searching for the answers to so many questions going through his head, all in baby language. The miracles of modern science have enabled this baby to have the possibility to lead a virtually normal life, and you can tell that the moment the expression on his face changes to one of excitement. However don’t miss out on the reaction for the parents. You can see from the way Lachlan’s father keeps stroking his wife’s arm that they are so thrilled and relieved that their baby will be okay and that he is finally able to hear. The look on Lachlan’s mother’s face tells its own story too. How nice of this couple to share such a precious moment with us that took place two years ago. How lovely of them to post an update two years later letting us all know that Lachlan is doing great!

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