6 Dazzling Add-ons To Your Wedding Bouquet

Dusty Miller

While creating your wedding bouquet you have to follow your instincts as there is no wrong way to create a bouquet. It is your day and a glorious bouquet is simply the cherry on top. Bouquets can range from elegant, trendy, contemporary, colorful, or asymmetrical and still look perfect. Because we want your wedding day to be perfect, we will show you a collection of beautiful flowers that will be great add-ons to your dream wedding bouquet.

  1. Amaranthus Flower

This perennial plant will add a unique touch to your bouquet because it simply has a lot of colors that you can use.

1200px 3836 Amaranthus caudatus Zieramaranth
Credit: Wikipedia.org

This blush bouquet is a mix of sweetheart and purple roses, purple Dahlias, a mix of greenery and Amaranthus which add a dramatic touch to the bouquet.

Credit: Moncheribridals.com

The Autumn inspired bouquet is just perfect if you want to go for a bohemian romantic vibe. It is white and purple Dahlias, different shades of pink roses, greenery and again the purple Aramanthus for the final touch.

Credit: Moncheribridals.com

2) Cherry Blossoms

The national flower of Japan will definitely be an add-on to your bouquet.

The sweetheart bouquet will surely be your favorite if you are the romantic type. It’s a mix of white and pink Dahlias along with cherry blossom flowers to give it a different dimension.

cherry blossom
Credit: Save-on-crafts.com
mwa spr10 cherry3 hd
Credit: Marthastewartweddings.com

3) Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is the perfect flower for you to make a sophisticated bouquet for your special day.

dusty miller silver lace
Credit: Parkswholesaleplants.com

This bouquet’s colors are just too perfect. Peach Roses go perfectly with the silver Dusty Millers. The pretty pink Astilbe is also a perfect touch.

Dusty Miller
Credit: Somethingturquoise.com

Dusty Millers and red roses go hand in hand.

Ranunculus and Dusty Miller Bouquet 500x750
Credit: Elizabethannedesigns.com

4) Astilbe

Astilbe gives your bouquet the perfect delicate touch. It also has a lot of colors like burgundypurple and greenshades of gold, orange and russet.

Credit: Strictlyweddings.com

We are so in love with this pretty bouquet. It’s a mix of Burgundy Dahlias, cream roses, dusty miller and for the last touch, light pink Astible.

Credit: Brit.co

The mix of white and pink color is just gorgeous by adding white and blue astible.

Credit: Instagram

5) Dahlia

This pretty flower will be perfect for your bouquet and it comes with a variety of colors that will suit every style you want.

Credit: Brecks.com

Earthy bridal bouquets will surely give you a light, loose, and organic touch that will look lovely with your dress. The combination of different shades of Dahlias, pink roses and a little bit of dusty millers is just a 10/10.

Credit: Modwedding.com
Credit: Pprojectwedding.com

6) Calla Lilys 

Lillies are one of prettiest flowers you will see. These majestic flowers have long held a role in ancient mythology, known that it sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. How cool is that? It also symbolizes chastity and virtue.

mixed calla lily
Credit Brecks.com

That bouquet is surely made for goddesses. The purple lilies surely take this bouquet to a different level.

Calla lillys
Credit: Royallacebridal.com

The mix of purple Fiddle-head ferns, purple lilies, dusty millers, scabiosa pods and yellow anemone is majestic.

lillys 2
Credit: Weddingelation.com

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