5 Unique Wedding Traditions We Bet You Don’t Know About

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Weddings mark a new beginning. They are a celebration of love. The festivities may differ but people’s sentiments are the same. Each country has its unique wedding traditions. All of us know about the white dress, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Today, we talk about something different. In this post, we’ve compiled some distinctive wedding traditions from all over the world.

#1 Throwing Stuff at Couples in Scotland

Family and friends just throw on the bride and groom whatever they can lay their hands on. Luckily, this tradition of throwing stuff at the couples happens before the wedding. It would be so devastating during the wedding. No bride wants her beautiful wedding dress ruined. Look at the poor couple tied to the tree. They are almost invisible.

Image Credit: u/darcsend_eu

#2 Getting Whale Teeth for the Bride in Fiji

In Fiji, They take “I’d do anything for you” too far. The groom must get his bride an expensive gift to express his love: Whale Tooth. It’s a tradition that has been ongoing in Fiji islands for 300 years. Luckily, he just needs to buy it. There is no need for hunting of whales of any kind. With the restriction on whaling because it endangers whales, this tradition has not disappeared completely. Whale teeth have only become rare and more expensive with a single tooth costing thousands of dollars.

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Image Credit: amnh

#3 The Father Spits on the Bride in Kenya

If you’ve been amazed by what Scottish people do, here’s a more surprising tradition from Kenya where you will find the father of the bride spitting on her. It’s in good faith, though. No harm intended. It’s to wish his daughter good luck and show her respect.

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Image Credit: marcuswestbergphotography

#4 They Cry Before Weddings in China

Although weddings are supposed to be a joyful occasion, marriages in China are a bit different. The bride cries before the wedding, sometimes as early as two months before the wedding and during the wedding. Her female relatives also join her. Although this tradition is disappearing from many places in China, it’s still kept alive in some villages.

Traditional Chinese wedding ceremony
Image Credit: kanegen

#5 The Groom in Korea Gets Beaten by His Friends

In this tradition, it is the groom who suffers. The friends of the groom in Korea remove his socks and tie him around the ankles and then start beating him on his feet using dead fish or a cane.

Image Credit: Offstandard Studios

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these traditions. And we would love to hear about any unique wedding traditions from your country.

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