5 Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles

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In the bathroom, the shower takes an important place and that’s why it must be part of the bathroom decor. If you need inspiration, take a look at those 5 shower designs; each one is corresponding to a certain decorating style. If you like the oriental decorating style and want to give your bathroom the “Turkish bath look” go for a large open shower composed of small mosaic tiles. Choose brown and orange shades to create a warm Oriental atmosphere. For a sea style, opt for a shower that forms a part of a bathroom dressed in grayed wood with blue walls. Then choose a pretty simple shower decorated by small tiles in beige which reminds of the sea sand color. In a romantic bathroom, it’s preferred to play with transparency. To do this, go for a glass shower cabin and add a glass block wall to create a delicate décor style. For the shower, choose tiles in feminine colors that you use also on the walls of the bathroom. For a contemporary bathroom, the ideal is a large walk-in shower defined by glass walls having a smoking part to provide privacy to the user. For color, go for natural tones; they are so trendy. For a retro look in your bathroom, opt for a small shower, preferring a low round one. Choose simple tiles in two colors. To close the shower, use two shower curtains having a beautiful fall.

Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles 1

Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles 2

Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles 3

Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles 4

Shower Models for All Bathroom Styles 5

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