5 Original Ideas to Decorate the Windows for Christmas

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Funny and magical; Lights flashing everywhere, the smell of gingerbread and Christmas songs … At home, you may have installed a large Christmas tree, a lighting wreath and some candles, But have you thought of decorating the windows? Apertures are actually nice places to decorate for the holidays since they are much admired inside and outside! In addition, there is no need for a big budget: with some low price accessories, it is easy to get a great result. Just pick one of the following ideas. The stickers adopt all forms echoing Christmas: stars, gifts, a Christmas tree, a snowman, a Santa on his sleigh. Yes, the stickers are the cheap and stylish accessories that are ideal for transforming the windows and bring some Christmas magic! It’s not just the trees that the garlands are raging! A ribbon hanging around the window frame, a set of fairy lights or pendants falling vertically on the window will give the openings a beautiful & sparkling look with a magical touch. And if you want to involve your children in the window decorations, this idea would be ideal for both of you. With their help in painting on glass they could draw beautiful Christmas patterns on a sticky sheet before you set it on the glass. It’s so funny and pretty! The other idea to involve children in the window decorations is to let them making snowflakes out of paper. They just cut out small patterns in pieces of paper in a circle shape and with the help of Dad or Mom, spraying silver paint on creations for a guaranteed frosted effect! We stick all on the windows, and it will look like if it was snowing outside. If your windows have a wide rim, why don’t you install some decorative elements to add the charm of Christmas atmosphere? A basket of pine cones, a wood carved deer, an owl in tricot, beautiful candleholders, lantern or candles…etc.

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Windows for Christmas 2

Windows for Christmas 3

Windows for Christmas 4

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