5 Black Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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White doesn’t have to stay always the official color for bathrooms! Now, bathrooms became more stylish & attractive being decorated using all colors & tones. There is no doubt that black is the most elegant & sophisticated color when it comes to either wedding dresses or interior decoration; If you are one of black color fans, here are 5 ideas to inspire you to use this chic & charming color in your bathroom decoration. You can use black in the bathroom to create the fashionable “black & white” effect; for example customize walls in white and use black as frames on walls and maybe for sanitary and floors as well; this will give a very stylish look. To bring a reflecting mineral spirit to the bathroom, black is much appreciated. It matches easily with stone or very subtle marble. To create a natural look, try to add a wood element in a dark tone; if you can cover the flooring with dark wood this will be perfect. In a traditional bathroom, sometimes by just replacing the white tiles into black ones they give it a very modern look. Black mosaic with white color brings a very elegant ambience. If the walls of your bathroom are white, you can use black furniture to break this clinical look and bring a touch of warmth to the bathroom. Finally, remember that you can use black to add a glamorous feminine touch; marry this dark color with furniture in shades of purple for example.

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