5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color

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Grey is a color found all over the interior decoration. Regardless of the rooms or the seasons, it is considered the new black, chic but flexible in terms of atmospheres. In the bedroom, gray can make different styles and different looks; follow this post to learn more about using grey in the bedroom. Light gray mixed with pastel colors such as dusty pink, lilac or soft green for example, brings a calm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. It can be placed on the walls and with colored accessories, or opt for a pastel color on the walls, and add gray objects in the room, such as bedding or pillows. In this case, we can choose darker grey shades. The combination of gray and beige skin will give your bedroom a very soft and natural look. The harmony of colors creates a very soothing & consistent atmosphere; it’s a nude ambience like a tender style between the natural and the pastel decoration. Gray can also be chosen and associated with bright colors to create an urban and dynamic atmosphere. In this case you will think primarily of red, orange or mimosa yellow for example. Gray can dress the walls, the bedding or the carpet. As for bright colors, it is preferred to not paint but a part of a wall or accessorize the room with decorative objects and small furniture.

5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color 1

5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color 2

5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color 3

5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color 4

5 Bedroom Designs Using Grey Color 5

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