45 Square Meter Apartment Interior Design Ideas

45 Square Meter Apartment

This is another smart design for a very small apartment of only 45 square meters to inspire you if you too live in a very small space and wonder how to furnish it practically and elegantly. Thanks to the intelligence of the designer, this apartment looks much bigger than it is; it is also equipped by all necessary furniture and is very beautifully decorated. The first room you see when you enter is the kitchen which is located on the left side right after the door; it’s a very practical kitchen equipped with a cooker, a microwave, a refrigerator as well as a washing machine and a dishwasher. It is also equipped with a built-in stainless steel sink and 5 large storage cabinets to accommodate all kitchen equipments beside some drawers as well. The kitchen has a stylish modern look with simple rectangular shapes and pretty contrast between white and cool pink with some stainless steel elements. In front of the kitchen there is the living room, but what is actually separating between the kitchen and the living room is this nice dining table in white color with 4 comfortable chairs and elegant minimalist style. The living room is consisting of a comfortable sofa facing an LCD located in the middle of a magnificent storage unit in a fabulous minimalist style composed of many square cabinets making a big square frame on the wall. There is also a coffee table in the middle with an additional comfortable seat hidden under it and looking amazing together like an elegant structure. The bathroom is combined with the bedroom; it has a very cool look with a stylish modern design and fashionable colors like purple tones and white, it is also practical with a built-in washbasin integrated in two large storage cabinets, a shower cabinet and a toilet. This apartment is not just practical and super comfy but also looks awesome in its contemporary style and fashionable colors; grey, white and some pink touches.

45 Square Meter Apartment 1

45 Square Meter Apartment 2

45 Square Meter Apartment 3

45 Square Meter Apartment 4

45 Square Meter Apartment 5

45 Square Meter Apartment 6

45 Square Meter Apartment 7

45 Square Meter Apartment 8

45 Square Meter Apartment 9

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