4 DIY Balloon Ideas Never Seen Before

8 budvases

Creative, unique, and innovative; this is the impression anyone would like a guest to have when they visit their house for the first time. Some people tend to pay a lot of money to reach that, but unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a thing. Luckily for you, we believe that you can always use small things that are in the palm of your hands to get bigger things that may seem so out of reach. Such deep talk for such simple ideas we have collected just for you! As seen from the title, we will be using lots and lots of inexpensive balloons and some simple tools. Let’s jump into it then!

1) The Balloon Wall

10 wall
Image Credit: Honey and Fitz

The first idea is a five-finger exercise that can literally be done by anyone at any time. The best part about it? You can use it for home decoration and parties! That choice will all be based on the color of the balloons. Follow the below steps to have this spectacular scene in your home:

  1. Start off by blowing the balloons in various sizes
  2. Tape them one by one to the wall in a diverse manner which best suits the décor of your home. It can be below the dessert table, in your bedroom right above the bed, or behind the bar. If you are doing it for a party, you can give it a kick of sassiness by painting the balloons silver or gold.

And just like that you give your home a new and improved extremely cheap yet unique ornament.

2) Ballon Bud Vases

8 budvases
Image Credit: Brit + Co.

If you have ever dreamt about having a multi-colored house with uncommon ideas, this next idea is made just for you. Want to know the steps? Just keep reading!

  1. Grab some glass cups or shot glasses and of course, balloons.
  2. Cut off one inch of the balloon’s end (the end where you originally tie the balloon from).
  3. Blow into the balloon just enough for it to be easily stretched.
  4. Stretch the balloon around the glass cups till the cups are fully covered leaving a small opening to insert any kind of decoration.

This idea is best used for flowers as seen in the picture; however, you can add any kind of object. For example, add some pens or pencils and place it on your desk for a newly decorated pencil holder. Voila! That’s all it takes.

3) Golden Confetti Balloons

6 confetti
Image Credit: Studio DIY

We all have these days when we want to do a contemporary decoration for our parties, but we just run out of thoughts. But no worries, just read on! These golden confetti balloons give an uncanny vivacious sense to your party. They take absolutely no time in their making, but you should definitely avoid making a mess with the confetti. Let’s start!

  1. Blow your balloons into diverse sizes; one large one small, etc.
  2. Apply glue to the lower side of the balloon.
  3. Grab a handful of confetti and stick it to the glue. The confetti instantly sticks to the glue.

Finally, take a look at the balloons after you’ve set them in your preferred position and enjoy the tableau that you have created with your own hands.

4) Balloon Chandeliers 

2 chandelier
Image Credit: Wedding Chicks

This last but definitely not least idea is more sophisticated and classy. You can use it in parties, bridal showers, simple weddings or even as a decoration in your bedroom. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

  1. Blow your balloons and spray paint them in gold or silver. Based on your preference, you can also glue confetti on to them. Add golden confetti to the silver balloons, or vice versa.
  2. To add a touch of sentiment and emotions you can add pictures with memories of the current occasion as seen in the picture.

It is true that you can use balloons in almost everything and not just parties. But, whether you use them in celebration or home decoration, balloons will never fail to give you this sense of happiness.

Happiness can be reached by the simplest of things!

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