38 Brilliant Illustrations That Every Mom Will Understand

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Being a mom is hard, and some would argue it’s one of the hardest jobs ever and for good reasons. Moms can’t begin to explain how exhausting and demanding their job is. If you’re thinking your full-time job is difficult, think again. Mothers take care of helpless creatures, who are still trying to figure out the world and in the process exposing themselves to countless dangers ranging from falling off a couch to eating something they shouldn’t have. A mother’s job is to run around chasing those little demons who create so much havoc, while taking care of them in the best way possible, and, most importantly, trying to keep them out of harm’s way.

No one knows what it’s like to be a mom, except another one, of course. Paula Kuka is an artist who illustrates her daily struggles with her kids and her thoughts and feelings about motherhood. Her posts on Instagram are so popular she has 207k followers. So, let’s listen to what this one mom has to say about this exciting adventure.

#1 Moms Don’t Ask for Much 30592511 298743573989887 7273946708311015424 n

#2 Moms Always Buy Things for Their Kids and Never for Themselves33198227 857081937817381 7246880876678610944 n

#3 If Food Is Served in a Dangerous Place, Your Kid Will Definitely Eat It 36960905 221686221885546 5362658597706661888 n

#4 You Always End up Buying More Than You Intended39911465 1839075699501527 9022037812697890816 n

#5 Dad Has No Idea41832077 533249307100494 1865677181418471424 n

#6 Stop Being So Harsh on Yourself. Everyone Thinks You’re a Great Mom, Especially Other Moms 42002457 427277101132314 5238837138694340608 n

#7 Time Never Flies When You’re With Your Kids 42447597 1039291566243975 2280130586200768512 n

#8 Being a Mom Means Your Efforts Will Never Be Enough44409673 316962295783863 2293467219864059904 n

#9 Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Made That Cake44656039 348524602608156 1221277481080717312 n

#10 Mothers Have Super Powers 45783937 2199692880272074 7028247220038139904 n

#11 It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel or Think About Yourself. Your Kids Will Always See You as a Hero45817360 919290998269676 6934980351643090944 n

#12 This Is Really the Single Item That You Need46652073 2441757642519016 6637998459934736384 n

#13 Nothing You Get Is Ever Going to Be Enough47582729 787476981602442 1255488690889687040 n

#14 Being a Mom Means You Say Goodbye to Sleep50850075 196438677997188 1419312043944295772 n

#15 Sometimes It’s Okay to Be a Little Bit Selfish51949036 798130813879637 7884950867069225325 n

#16 No Matter How Much You Want to Have Some Time for Yourself, You’ll Always End up Missing Your Kids 53823375 2182556945393179 823011721553952679 n1

#17 Nothing Is as Easy as It Seems 57272316 135966217542601 1562228824460250745 n1

#18 Be Careful What You Wish For58410322 127923915059998 6948193044167785691 n

#19 You Know Better Now Than to Cook Something From Scratch59777913 291422971809754 3673908275777684891 n

#20 Every Day Is a Bad Hair Day for a Busy Mother64244754 2307506159568266 4079999224402549410 n

#21 The Only Place You Need to Be Is Beside Your Kids. You Know It64427588 2223008384413683 6496464308931627632 n

#22 Cooking When Your Kids Are Around Is Always an Unexpected Adventure65389577 339820846930564 2300748868768382302 n

#23 Don’t Worry. All Moms Have the Same Pattern on Their Clothes67654940 358619451695885 2988349126503381040 n

#24 Well, Let’s Just Say Being a Mom Is Difficult69095266 154389038962362 7616543647934023360 n

#25 I’ve Spent Some Time for Myself Without My Kids, Said No Mom Ever. 69998511 2274399302872880 4302316558290854448 n

#26 You’ll Never Expect What I Had to Go Through So My Kid Could Look This Cute71707002 3094317157310317 6744100996305281399 n

#27 There Is This Little Part of You That Wishes the Kids Miss You and Need You All the Time74661310 2719193731641923 4985141759282944549 n

#28 We All Know About Weight Loss. the Struggle Is Real 74670537 433707374189515 2190771539477914614 n

#29 Children have unique ways to show their love. And only mothers can appreciate them.83186676 2381261925497190 1768196937376339051 n

#30 Sometimes Even With the Perfect Planning, Things Never Go as Planned 84641945 125201945482918 6105041238066446463 n

#31 This Is What All Mothers Out There Wish to Say to You94475014 2686797818309288 6031336586204352497 n

#32 Going Out With Your Kids Is a Battle You Will Always Lose94670123 245759520164885 6331550689793531668 n

#33 Yes, Kids Are So Wild107460995 663869014209978 6595417465261177917 n

#34 Sleeping Beside Them, No Matter How Tiny They Are, Feels Like Sleeping Beside a Gigantic Bear117035130 304788527610584 4688367931825702359 n

#35 This Is What Every Mother Plans to Do Every Single Day 117344457 596364424402778 6113069300760281640 n

#36 Those Little Creatures Have Many Hands117890075 638990223719230 4239401843263950034 n

#37 And They Can Create So Much Chaos118705793 1229008247497788 187236967801090327 n

#38 Being a Mom Means You Always Worry About Your Kids No Matter Where They Are 121085651 127385228825899 2613441964193777553 n

In her beautiful illustrations, Paula truly captures what it is like to be a mom. It is a demanding, full-time job where mothers get paid through hugs and kisses from their wonderful kids. It’s the only job where you get to be thought of as a superhero. To all the mothers out there, you’re all doing a great job, and your kids know it.

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