36 Stunning Drone Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Before we proceed with those stunning drone photos, I think we should take a moment to explain the concept of drone photography. First things first, what is a drone? A drone is a “remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It is also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS).”

This small vehicle flies on its own. Drone photography is using this vehicle to capture images that wouldn’t have been possible without it. Drones give photographers new, unique perspective. Their size and tolerance for harsh weather condition make capturing great photos possible. Think about it. Drones can go where no man can go. So, the possibilities of capturing great photos with drones are limitless.

It comes as a no wonder that there is a Drone Awards. It is one of the most important awards for “aerial” photography. Drone photography differs from traditional photography in every possible thing. That is why it has a separate competition. So let’s explore the beauty of nature through the eyes of a drone and see the stories behind those breathtaking drone photos.

#1 Where Herons Live

Drones make it possible for us to see the beautiful nests of herons in the tops of huge trees.

Image Credit: Dmitrii Viliunov

#2 Flamingo Flock Heart

In this photo, flamingoes gathered on this beautiful lake and unintentionally made this wonderful heart shape.

Image Credit: Thomas Vijayan

#3 Polar Plunge

This amazing polar bear photo was taken while he was not looking. He seems to be enjoying a great swim.

Image Credit: Jenny Wong

#4 Two Humpback Whales

The drone was so quiet and it captured those two humpback whales just swimming undisturbed.

Image Credit: Mark Carwardine

#5 Goose Constellation

You can easily mistake those goose for stars shining in the night sky. And this is what happens when you see the world through drone photos.

Image Credit: Juan Osorio

#6 Gray Whale Plays Pushing Tourists

The photographer of this photo said that he heard that a whale in this area enjoys pushing the boats of tourists gently. It is true.

Image Credit: Joseph Cheires


Well, what we can agree on is that nature is simply beautiful. And you can never expect what you see if you look from above.

Image Credit: Ignacio Medem

#8 Mirror of the Land

If you’re wondering what this is? It is the “Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone, the biggest hot spring in the United States and third in the world.”

Image Credit: Shihui Liu

#9 Crabeater Seals Feeding

Those crabeater seals are not dancing. They are simply looking for food and it looks amazing from above. Drone photos really rock.

Image Credit: Florian Ledoux

#10 Playful Minke

A group of kayakers in Cierva Cove, on the Antarctic peninsula unexpectedly found a group of young minke whales swimming around them.

Image Credit: Coulson Tennant

#11 Lonesome Boat

Among all the nature and beauty, this small boat in the middle of nowhere is hardly noticeable. You will have to look twice before you see it.

Image Credit: Shihui Liu

#12 Help of Nature for Humans

I’m so grateful for drone photography. Now, we can see snowy earth from above without suffering from the harsh weather.

Image Credit: Eberhard Ehmke

#13 Eye on the Desert

In this drone photo, we have hard time deciding which ones are the shadows and which ones are the real camels?

Image Credit: Abdullah Alnassar

#14 A Cold Road

I would have never thought I’d say this about a photo. But it just looks so cold and I feel I’m freezing by simply looking at it.

Image Credit: Tomas Neuwirth

#15 Snake Road

It’d be lovely to travel through that road. The colors of the plants are so mesmerizing. Don’t you think?

Image Credit: Lim Gwibin

#16 The Silk Road

This drone photo simply looking magical. We want to add Aladdin with his magical carpet to this photo.

Image Credit: Peiwen Sun

#17 Crabeater Seals on Ice

This is the second crabeater seals photo, and it just seems that they look great in photos while searching for food.

drone photos
Image Credit: Florian Ledoux

#18 Alone

I don’t know where are the rest of this seal’s family? But I’m glad it showed up at the right place and at the right moment.

Image Credit: Diana Buzoianu

#19 Crocodiles

“No animal is half as vile As Crocky–Wock, the crocodile. On Saturdays he likes to crunch
Six juicy children for his lunch.” Roald Dahl – This time, the crocodiles are feasting on a poor dead hippo.

Image Credit: Ignacio Medem

#20 Feeding Time

This stunning drone photo looks like a painting. It is an otter eating a lumpsucker fish on the seaweed. The seaweed looks great in this photo.

Image Credit: Josh Jaggard

#21 Nomads

Those beautiful camels are also looking for food and water. They blend well with the desert. It’s hard to tell them apart.

Image Credit: Bachir Moukarzel

#22 Over a Million Flamingos

At first, I thought those were wave foams, but they are flamingos lining peacefully on the shore.

Image Credit: Franco Cappellari

#23 Humpback Whale Feeding

Whales are a pleasure to see, whether feeding or dancing and we are so grateful for drone photos.

Image Credit: Florian Ledoux

#24 Flamingos

I would just get a drone to especially capture photos of flamingos. Aren’t they simply lovely?

Image Credit: Talal Al Rabah

#25 Above the Polar Bear

This photo offers a unique perspective of the polar bear. They are always hidden but not from the eyes of this drone.

Image Credit: Florian Ledoux

#26 Cambugahay Falls

Here is a lovely travel idea for the adventurous you. The Cambugahay Falls look amazing.

Image Credit: Nataniel Luperte

#27 Autumn

Not all autumns look alike. In this drone photo, autumn looks simply fantastic, bright, and so colorful.

Image Credit: Drone Awards

#28 Blue River

Without any doubt, nature is the most beautiful painting you’re ever going to see. And drone photos simply prove that.

Image Credit: Erika Tanzer

#29 Nelder Plots

I love these plants. I’m sure we wouldn’t enjoy their beauty that much if we’ve not seen them from a totally different perspective.

Image Credit: Garret Suhrie

#30 Blacktip Shark

I wouldn’t want to go there. It looks so dangerous. Luckily, no one was harmed while capturing this photo.

Image Credit: Adam Barker

#31 Responsible Dady the Gharial with Babies

Families should always stick together. This Dady the Gharial is keeping his kids close and it’s not a place any human would want to go to.

Image Credit: Dhritiman Mukherjee

#32 American Alligator

Get out of the way. Here comes the American Alligator. Again, we can’t stress enough, the importance of drones for capturing those extremely dangerous photos.

Image Credit: Souvik Dutta

#33 Dolphin Clarity

Finally, some friendly creatures after all the gharials, crocodiles and alligators. Look at how cute they are.

Image Credit: Anders Carlson

#34 Bear and Salmon

Do you think the bear is scared of the salmon or it is the other way round? Well, I guess we’ll never know. W were never there.

Image Credit: Roie Galitz

#35 Beautiful Army

I wouldn’t really say they are an army. I’d say they are getting ready for an amazing dance.

Image Credit: Mohd Khorshid

#36 Love Heart of Nature

Well, if a photographer spent a lot of time planning a photo, it wouldn’t have turned out that beautiful. A shark is in the middle of a school of salmon taking the shape of a heart.

drone photos
Image Credit: Jim Picôt

Now, that we’ve seen some of the most ingenious drone photos. We know that drone photos simply show us that the greatest of photos are unplanned. Nature is full of mysteries and drone photos simply unravel those mysteries by giving us a new way of looking at nature: from above.

Some of the photos here are really hard to capture again. If you want more of these photos, check the impressive gallery of Drone Awards. And if you want to see photos that is impossible to capture again, this post is for you. We hope that you enjoyed those photos. Give us the thumbs up if you did.

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