30 Examples of Why Polite Graffiti is Much More Fun

Don’t you get so fed up with seeing annoying and offensive graffiti everywhere? Well, here’s 30 examples of polite and cheerful graffiti that will make your day.

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It doesn’t matter where you go these days, it is very, very difficult to avoid graffiti, and invariably it is rude, offensive and not good to look at. All too often someone has decided that a pristine looking wall or building needs to be vandalized, even if anyone who then sees their graffiti is left wondering what the whole point of it was. Okay, you have the one exception, Banksy, whose ‘graffiti’ really is a work of art and he invariably has a strong political message behind his work.

There are others who use graffiti as a clear art form, and you can often see their work adorning the end of a terrace of buildings, but these are the exception as opposed to the rule. However, more recently there has been a new trend in graffiti, and that is the production of polite or ‘sanitized’ versions of original graffiti. By sanitized, we mean graffiti where offensive swear words have been replaced by polite alternatives yet, strangely, the message does not get lost, which proves that you don’t have to use bad language to get your message across.

We found 30 great examples, from the outright funny to the witty and pithy, that exemplify this new style of graffiti, and boy are we glad to see them. Hopefully, if people do feel that they have to leave their mark somewhere, they can at least do it in a polite and courteous manner. There’s always hope…

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Have you seen any polite or seriously funny graffiti anywhere? If so, why not share your photos on our Facebook page so that all our other fans and followers can get to see them?

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