3 Steps to Clear your Skin in Just One Week

3 STEPS to CLEAR SKIN in 1 week

It isn’t always easy to have fresh and perfect facial skin every day of the week. We all have different types of skin and it is difficult to find a routine that might be suitable for everyone. However thanks to a couple of really practical and useful YouTube video demonstrations from G Diipa, we think we may have found you a couple of hidden gems. It makes sense to include the two videos together as the first one provides you with three quick and easy steps to having clear skin, while the second then explains in simple terms how to keep your skin clear afterwards. Miss Diipa definitely knows her stuff as the advice she gives is very practical. In the first video we like how she has broken the routine down into three defined areas – cleansing, toning, and finally moisturizing.

What we also liked about this video is that she has given a very full description underneath, as well as providing a comprehensive list of items she has used. You can easily print this off ready for when you next go shopping. The second video concentrates on creating a flawless skincare routine, which is not only great to watch, but she also has Valentine by Kina Granis as a soundtrack and which is a wonderful and very catchy song. This video is one that we particularly approve of because it doesn’t concentrate on using the world’s most expensive products and instead offers some very sound and practical advice based on common sense. Nor is this a routine that will see you chained to your dressing table for an hour each day, it is a routine that can very easily become part of your beauty regime. And if you need any proof that this regime works, we believe that Miss Diipa is living proof.

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