3 Plus-size Instagram Bloggers That Teach Us A Lesson About Self-love

Plus size

With the rise of social media and its increasing effect on the lives of many, it may have both a negative and positive effect on its users. The notion of beauty standards is strongly becoming an essential thing for societies to follow. From this, more and more women around the world are constantly bombarded trying to attain a standard of beauty provided by the media that is comparable to perfection. These unrealistic beauty standards are resulting in an increase in women’s insecurities and the decrease in their self-confidence.

It is crucial for women to understand that beauty comes in all forms and one should not conform to a world that doesn’t accept beauty that strays from their definition. Everyone should comprehend that beauty means plus-size and skinny, straight and curly hair, and light and dark skin. We live in a world of 7 continents and 196 countries; thus, there is a diversity in all forms of beauty.

These 3 inspirational women were chosen due to their tremendous self-confidence living in a society where they are told they are not beautiful due to their size. They were capable of moving forward and accepting themselves the way they are knowing that there is no one on the face of the earth that is perfect. We are all flawed, so we must all accept and embrace our flaws.

1. Georgina Horne 

Georgina started off by making her own blog to show women her lingerie and clothing choices based on her figure. This lead to the opening of many doors for her in the modeling industry. She says “little did I know that this hobby would become a full blown passion, giving way to modelling experiences, national and international press coverage, and best of all, the most amazing readers and fellow blogging friends that a girl could ask for”. She has inspired many women to accept their unique figure and embrace the different form of beauty they represent.

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2. Nadia Aboulhosn

She is the owner and designer of her own clothing line By Nadia Aboulhosn and also models at Wilhelmina. Nadia has her own fashion blog and has been a strong advocate for body positivity and self-acceptance. Her message encourages reinventing the standards of the fashion industry.

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3. Ragini R

Ragini is a plus-size fashion blogger that has shut her eyes from the standards of beauty society has set. She simply summed up her mission on her blog when she said “I’m unapologetically fat and femme, and this blog is a chronicle of my personal style over the years. I’ve been body positive since before I started this blog, and I don’t care much for the idea of ‘flattering’ clothes. I believe in wearing what you want, however you want, and the freedom to do whatever you want with your own body. Life’s too short to not dress the way you’ve always dreamed of!”

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