28 Cool DIY Balloon Projects

Cool Balloon DIY Projects 26

If you’ve recently been catching up with our magazine, you’ll see that balloons have gone beyond just being a simple decoration accessory for special occasions. Since we all just love balloons, Stylish Eve wants to show you some really cool, easy and fun DIY balloon projects that we’re certain you’ll enjoy. Check them out!

1- Donut Balloons:

Who doesn’t love donuts?! This Donut balloon project is totally yummy – if we can say that – and really easy! Studio DIY gives you a step-by-step tutorial for this amazing project. You just need some simple items such as donut balloons, paint, crepe paper and tape.


2- Balloon Chandeliers for Wedding Table Numbers:

We all want to have that unique touch at our wedding, and balloons are sure to do the trick!
How about the delightful look of white balloon chandeliers on your wedding tables? Wedding Chicks will show you how you can easily do this project to create some eye-catching table numbers.


3- Ice Cream Cone Helium Balloons:

Whenever there’s ice cream around, everyone just gets excited! Make a memorable decoration for any party or occasion coming up with these lovely ice cream cone helium balloons found on Prudent Baby. They also offer a free printable cone if you want to add some great images.


4- Balloon Dipped jars:

We all know women love art and a bit of color, even in their kitchens! This simple project lets you add a pop of color to your kitchen with these balloon-dipped jars from Brit + Co. just using some standard balloons.


5- Pom-Pom Balloons:

This one is total fun for the kids! Design Improvised provides you with an easy and fun tutorial for some pom-pom balloons that’ll add a special touch to any party or just for your kids to have fun with. All you need is some balloons, small pom-poms and glue!


6- Confetti Dipped Balloons:

The word “confetti” is always reminiscent of fun! Now double the fun by adding confetti to balloons. YES! This confetti balloon project found on Studio DIY is worth trying and will add a lot of sparkle to any party.


7- Fruit Balloons:

We all agree that balloons are an important part of decorating any party. Now how about a little twist for your party – especially a summer one? Oh Happy Day brings to you a fun fruit balloon DIY project with all steps to create some unusual decorations, including a garland, or maybe just you can just dot them around the room for people to discover the surprise!


8- Balloon Backdrop:

Nothing is easier than this! Want a great backdrop? Just cover the wall with balloons. Either use helium-filled balloons or balloons stuck to the wall to fill the whole area. Pick various colors and arrange them the way you want and voila! Check out the project at Lil Sugar.



9- Balloon Wall:

This is as simple as it sounds – a balloon wall project from Honey and Fitz that is as easy as sticking different sized and colored balloons to the wall. You can do this for any party and enjoy the final look!


10- Festive Balloons:

Throwing a party at home? How about some festive balloon decorations brought to you by Brit + Co.? Whether you add a party cone to the balloon, print on it or stick a moustache on it, all of these ideas will look amazing!


11- Gold Splatter Paint Balloons:

Here’s another great and totally simple balloon idea from Studio DIY. Just get some standard balloons, paint and a brush, and start dapping the balloons with the paintbrush!


12- Macramé Balloons:

Try something different with your balloons for your party by tying some macramé balloons anywhere you want. This way you’ll keep the decorative touch simple yet creative, especially when using yarns of different colors. Check out the whole project at You Are My Fave.


13- LED Balloons:

Ever thought of adding some light bulbs to your balloons? Brit + Co. shows you how to do this when preparing for any party you’re hosting so that you can really light things up!


14- Polka Dot Balloons:

Polka dots are my favorite pattern. Wherever I find polka dots, I just love the look; be it on fabric, a piece of furniture or like here – on balloons! A Subtle Revelry shows you a great DIY polka dot balloon project that will give your balloons that elegant touch.


15- Balloon Gift Ribbons:

Want to quickly wrap a special gift but run out of ideas? How about a balloon ribbon? This idea is totally new and looks so much fun and works perfectly for a gift wrap idea. Check out the whole project at Brit + Co.


16- Balloon Stemware:

An easy, quick, colorful and creative decoration for your cups using balloons! This project at Brit + Co. only needs a couple of minutes to finish!


17- Balloon Wreath:

A wreath is always an essential decoration for the front door when hosting parties. Ever thought of a balloon wreath? But not actually with inflated balloons! This idea really works and looks so vibrant! Check out the whole project at How Does She.


18- Balloon Garlands:

This is a beautiful balloon project at A Girl and A Boy. Just imagine how the place would look with some balloon garlands? The color arrangement just makes the whole place look so much more awesome!


19- Flying Wedding Couple Balloons:

This balloon project is perfect if you want to have something really different at your wedding. Brooklyn Bride shows you in a simple way how you can use balloons to make some flying couples using some simple materials.


20- Giant Balloon Heart:

Wanna do something really romantic? How about a giant balloon heart like this one we found at Studio DIY? This balloon heart just looks really romantic and the best thing is that it’s super easy to make!


21- Number Balloons:

Number balloons are really popular nowadays and one of the ideas you can use them for is the “Save the Date” photo in your pre-wedding photo session! The idea is really cool and looks amazing in photos! Check out the idea at Studio DIY.


22- Ice-Filled Balloons:

Here’s a smart and easy trick to keep your stuff cold in a bucket or a cooler. Just fill balloons with water and put them in your freezer. Then place them between the things you want to keep cool for long periods. Yea, as simple as that! Check out the idea at Brit + Co.


23- Gold Foil Confetti Balloons:

Gold foil confetti will always make a sparkly look wherever you put it. Try adding some small circles on balloons and instantly you’ll see how the final look will be perfect for any party! On Alex and Alexa you’ll find the whole project. Check it out!


24- Lollipop Balloons:

Who doesn’t love lollipops, with all their colors and shapes? This DIY balloon idea includes wrapping your balloons like you see in the images for amazing décor! Check it out at The House That Lars Built.


25- Balloon Cake Display:

Having a birthday party or wedding and want to make an eye-catching cake display? Balloons are the key! This Idea from Ruffled will make the perfect backdrop for your cake.


26- Vintage Balloon Bridal Shower Décor:

100 Layer Cake shows you how balloons are a great touch when decorating your bridal shower, especially this vintage one! These amazing helium balloons can decorate the backdrop of your cake, your buffet and so much more.


27- Balloon Cupcake Toppers:

This idea at Studio DIY is about balloon toppers for cupcakes, but it doesn’t actually use real balloons. The idea involves cutting some paper in the form of balloons and attaching them to your cupcake – or any cake – using some paperclips. Awesome!


28- Confetti-Filled Balloons:

Confetti again! It seems that confetti and balloons get along very well. This time confetti is used to fill the balloons. Then when you fill them, you’ll have awesome balloon décor. Check out the tutorial at Kojo Designs.


All of these balloon ideas are amazing and great fun. However working with balloons can be dangerous so wear appropriate eye protection and take necessary precautions. Above all though, enjoy!

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