25 Square Meter Apartment Design Ideas with Three Rooms

Here, we present you a live example and a real proof of how smart designing can transform a tiny space of 25 m² into a comfortable family living place combining 3 rooms in a contemporary style and with minimum costs. Demonstration is with Before/After photos; check it out. This small apartment of 25 m² initially contained two rooms: a living room with an adjoining kitchen and a bedroom. The project was to create a second bedroom for a child. The owners didn’t want the apartment to be equipped with modular elements, so the interior designer organized the layout so that each area has its specific function yet keeping on the comfort. The cupboards were placed in the dead angles & corners which couldn’t serve as a circulation space. Thus, a maximum of storage space was inserted into the apartment without cluttering the scene. Finally, the walls are mostly in white to keep the brightness and to maximize the effect of volume, with some colorful touches to energize the whole, as in the kitchen with a bright red wall covering. The small open kitchen is now fully equipped with necessary appliances and cabinets, even the washing machine has its place in it. A separate dining area has been set; it is equipped with a small table, seats and a wall mounted TV above the table. The single room before was divided into two by a partition with a built-in sliding door; Here, the child’s room has a window which is not the case for the room reserved for parents. The child’s bedroom is now decorated with lively and colorful shades: on the ground, there are three round rugs in orange, blue and green, the wall is decorated by a giant tree-shaped sticker and two suspended plant pots. Curtains and bed linen are also colored to energize the ambience of the child’s room.

25 m 7

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